Proposal on Personal Information Protection

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Following the rapid development of the mobile Internet and big data, the scale and impact of the disclosure of personal information of our country’s netizens has become ever larger, gravely infringing netizens’ rights and interests, harming the public interest, and attracting a high degree of attention from competent government departments as well as the broad attention of all walks of society. In order to protect netizens’ personal information security, safeguard the rights and interests of netizens, guide Internet enterprises to collect, store and use personal information in a standardized manner, stimulate the implementation of related laws and regulations, promote the healthy and sustainable development of the Internet sector, the Internet Society of China proposes the following Proposal to the nationwide Internet circles:

I, Strictly abide by all laws and regulations formulated by national and sectoral competent departments, as well as the sectoral self-discipline conventions issued by the Internet Society of China, and cooperate with relevant government departments’ lawful actions to attack the online disclosure of personal information. 

II, Strengthen sectoral self-discipline, shoulder corporate social responsibility, strengthen examination, verification and management of interactive platforms such as websites, forums, microblogs, instant messaging, e-commerce, etc., timely discover and clean up online disclosure of personal information, do not provide communication channels for information disclosure, and protect netizens’ lawful rights and interests.

III, Complete supervision and reporting mechanisms, vigorously respond to netizens’ complaints in the area of personal information protection, timely feed back handling outcomes to netizens, earnestly correct problems reflected by the public, increase online service quality, and create an online environment of security and sincerity.

IV, Strengthen professional training for employees, raise employees’ understanding of personal information protection, require employees to earnestly implement legal responsibilities, abide by legal provisions, and implement the requirements concerning personal information protection in laws and regulations. 

V, Strengthen cybersecurity protection capabilities, and prevent that databases and user information is stolen. If cybersecurity incidents such as disclosure of user information are discovered, timely report them to public security bodies and relevant government departments, adopt effective measures to plug cybersecurity vulnerabilities, and protect data and information security. 

VI, Strengthen propaganda, raise netizens’ capability to identify and judge phishing, fraud and other such online violations and harmful information, strengthen netizens’ understanding and usage levels of online smart terminals, strengthen personal information protection awareness, and prevent personal information disclosure. 

Internet Society of China

14 September 2018.

Appendix: small measures to prevent personal information disclosure

1, Do not register at websites with unclear sources, cautiously use mobile phone number registration.

2, Do not scan QR codes from an unclear origin, do not install software from an unclear origin.

3, Information on replaced electronic products must be deleted thoroughly, to prevent law-breakers from recovering data.

4, Processing paper forms with personal information requires caution, and privacy information must be erased.

5, Avoid disclosing excessive personal information on social software, to prevent its use by lawbreakers.

6, Cautiously use free WiFi in public venues, to prevent disclosure of user names and passwords.

7, Do not click on links in text messages and mails, in order to avoid “phishing”.

8, The same account name and password group must not be used on different pieces of software, in order to avoid the creation of grave harm. 




















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