Notice concerning Further Strengthening Management over Cultural and Artistic Programmes and Their Personnel

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National Radio and Television Administration General Office

Guang Dian Ban Fa (2021) 267

All provincial, autonomous region and municipal radio and television bureaus, the Xinjiang Production-Construction Corps Culture, Sports, Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau, the Central Radio and Television Station Office, the Film Channel Programme Centre, the China Education Television Station:

In recent years, radio, television and online audiovisual cultural and artistic programmes have stressed quality, stressed style and stressed responsibility, and resisted vulgar, lowbrow and base tastes, incessantly pushed out excellent works, satisfying the popular masses’ spiritual and cultural needs. In order to further strengthen management, strictly deal with problems that artists violate the law and leave virtue behind, the “fan circle” mess, etc., and to establish a sectoral atmosphere of love for the Party and love for the country with all flags flying, of high virtue and noble art, hereby, the relevant matters are notified as follows:

I, Persisting in resisting unlawful and unvirtuous personnel. Radio and television bodies and online audiovisual platforms must strictly keep the gate in terms of programme actors and guest choices, and persist in making political quality, virtuous character, artistic levels and social evaluation as criteria for choice. Personnel with an incorrect political standpoint, who have dissension and discord with the Party and the country is resolutely not to be selected; personnel who violate laws and regulations and smash society’s baseline of fairness and justice is resolutely not to be selected; personnel who violate public order and fine customs, and whose acts and conduct are without virtue or norms is resolutely not to be selected.

II, Persisting in opposing the only-ratings-theory. Radio and television bodies and online audiovisual platforms may not broadcast idol cultivation-type programmes, they may not broadcast comprehensive arts, entertainment and reality shows where stars’ sons and daughters participate. Talent-type shows must strictly control the setup of the voting segment, they may not set up segments and channels outside of the venue for voting, ranking, reinforcement, etc., it is strictly prohibited to guide or encourage fans to covertly spend money to vote by materialized methods such as purchasing goods, pledging memberships, etc, and the harmful “fan circle” culture is to be resolutely resisted.

III, Persisting in resisting excessive entertainmentization. Persist in cultural self-confidence, forcefully hold high China’s excellent traditional culture, revolutionary culture and advanced Socialist culture. Establish a correct aesthetic orientation for programmes, strictly grasp actor and guest choice, acting styles, dress and make-up, etc, resolutely resist “sissies” and other such abnormal aesthetics. Resolutely resist excessive entertainmentization tendencies of playing up bragging about wealth and hedonism, rumours about sex scandals and personal lives, negative hot topics, vulgare “Internet celebrities”, anti-aesthetics without baselines, etc.

IV, Persisting in resisting high-value remuneration. Strictly implement remuneration regulations for actors and guest, strictly implement their remuneration management notification commitment system. Advocate and encourage actors and guests to bear social responsibility, and participate in public benefit-type programmes. Strictly punish violation of remuneration regulations, “yin-yang contracts”, and tax evasion activities.

Substantially strengthen employee management. Strictly implement that presenters must hold credentials to take up positions, standardize presenters’ participation in social activities and online information dissemination. Strengthen employees’ political quality training, deeply launch education on the Marxist view of news and view on culture and art, persist in the people’s standpoint from beginning to end, stick to the people’s mood. Perfect professional ethical norms, strengthen the construction of professional ethics, consciously resist the temptations of fame and wealth, professional identities and individual fame may not be used to seek improper gain, consciously accept social supervision, and be a model of social virtue and a builder of positive energy.

VI, Launching dedicated and authoritative culture and art criticism. Persist in the correct political orientation, public opinion orientation and value orientation, carry forward the true, the good and the beautiful, reject the false, the evil and the ugly, give full rein to the roles of values in guidance, spirits in leadership and aesthetic in enlightenment. Put social effect and social value first, unify profound thoughts, profound art and excellent production, and evaluate programmes strictly and objectively. Scientifically treat audience ratings, click ratings and other such quantified indicators, and strengthen the expansion and application of “China audiovisual big data”.

VII, Giving full rein to the role of sectoral organizations. Radio, television and online audiovisual sectoral associations and other such sectoral organizations must further perfect sectoral standards and self-discipline conventions, vigorously launch moral appraisal. Strengthen education and training on ideology and politics, professional ethics, etc., establish regularized training mechanisms, optimize teaching content, strengthen case-based teaching, discuss the law through cases, and demonstrate the law through cases. Criticize harmful phenomena in the sectors and negative models with clear banners flying, resolutely oppose circle culture and sectoral corrupt customs, effect a thorough overhaul, and safeguard the benign atmosphere in the sector. 

VIII, Substantially implement management duties and responsibilities. Administrative radio and television departments must raise their political stance, earnestly implement ideology work responsibility systems, further compact and substantiate local management responsibilities, competence and supervision responsibilities and dominant responsibilities, guard the culture and art programme orientation gate, content gate, personnel gate, remuneration gate and propaganda gate well. We must pay high regard to listening to the calls of the popular masses, vigorously respond to the concerns of the popular masses, resolutely say “no” to law-breaking and immorality, playing up stars, excessive entertainmentization, “supremacy of ratings” etc., and let the main melody and positive energy fill the radio, television and online audiovisual space to the brim. 

It is hereby notified

National Radio and Television Administration General Office 

2 September 2021





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