A Change Is Gonna Come

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Dear visitors

As you may have noticed, the direction of my research has shifted over the past few years, as I gradually moved away from issues pertaining to intellectual property, media and ideology towards digital technology and cybersecurity. Consequently, I feel that the moniker of “Copyright and Media” no longer adequately covers the substance of what I do. Moreover, I am in the fortunate position of having become part of a small group of energetic scholars and analysts interested in similar topics. The work that we are able to do together far outstrips what I can accomplish by myself in both quality and quantity. For these reasons, I have decided to suspend further updates to this website.

With the support of New America and the Leiden Asia Centre, the tech-related parts of this database will, over the coming months, be migrated to an all-new database as part of the DigiChina project. This database will have a number of additional features, including annotations to translations, a lexicon explaining particular terms and slogans, linkages between documents and an institutional overview of China’s tech governance architecture. This will make the database a much more powerful tool for China watchers.

It has been a pleasure to see this website become a well-used source both in academia and journalism: it has been cited by nearly 500 papers and numerous press articles. For this reason, and because a significant part of the database will not migrate to DigiChina, this website will be kept online and available. The China Media twitter account will be renamed to reflect my current research interests. I wish to thank you for the support that I have received from many of you over the years.



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